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Mi Dez 9 12:00:32 CET 2009

Die Television Studies Commission der FIAT/IFTA veranstaltet im Mai des 
kommenden Jahres gemeinsam mit der INA ein Seminar zum Thema "Verwendung 
von audiovisuellem Archivmaterial  durch Wissenschaft und Forschung". Die 
Tagung wird in Paris stattfinden und soll den Gedankenaustausch zwischen 
dem wissenschaftlichen Sektor einerseits und den audiovisuellen Archiven 
andererseits fördern. Insbesondere WissenschafterInnen, die sich in den 
letzten Jahren mit Archivmaterial aus einem der FIAT/IFTA Mitgliedsarchive 
auseinander gesetzt haben, sind herzlich zur Teilnahme eingeladen, Details 
entnehmen Sie bitte dem nachstehenden Call for Papers.

Dr. Alexander Hecht (ORF, Wien, alexander.hecht at orf.at) steht den 
deutschsprachigen InteressentInnen als Kontaktperson zu Verfügung.

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::CALL FOR PAPERS::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

FIAT/IFTA  (International Federation of Television Archives)

FIAT/IFTA Television Studies Commission announces:
The First FIAT/IFTA Television Studies Seminar
PARIS, May 14th 2010

This international Television Studies Seminar, hosted by the Institut 
National de l'Audiovisuel (INA) at their central Paris location will 
present academic papers based on research conducted in FIAT/IFTA member 
archives and illustrated by extracts provided by those archives.

Paper proposals should include a brief abstract and details of 
arrangements made with the television archive at which the research will 
be conducted.  Participating FIAT/IFTA member archives will provide 
research facilities and extracts on DVD free of charge.  Full details of 
requirements and participating archives are on the Television Studies 
Commission page of the FIAT/IFTA website at www.fiatifta.org/

Proposals should be sent to the appropriate member of the Television 
Studies Commission by December 31st 2009.  The Seminar languages will be 
English and French, with translation provided.

Proposals can cover any aspect of television history or practice, though 
the following topics are suggested:
- The transition from black and white to colour
- Cinema on television
- Transnational comparisons of genres or styles (which could use the 
resource of Video Active; details on website)
- Aspects of studying complete days of output, especially comparative 
studies of those recorded on October 27th 2008 and 2009 by certain FIAT 
member archives (details on the website)

One of the papers delivered at the Seminar will be chosen for presentation 
at the FIAT/IFTA Conference in Dublin in October 2010, with its author 
receiving free registration and full travel and accommodation expenses.

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