[venanalysis] Venezuelan Worker March, Colombia-Venezuela Extraditions, Increased US Aggression

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Dear Readers,

In this newsletter, we share with you an original
report<http://venezuelanalysis.com/news/5777>from the streets of
Caracas where Venezuelan workers marched for a new
radical labor law last week. The workers carried signs showing their
opposition to capitalism and state bureaucracy, and their support for worker
self-management. To view photos from the march in our Venezuela in Images
section, click here <http://venezuelanalysis.com/images/5775>.

You may also click the links below to read about Venezuela's deportation of
three suspected Colombian insurgents and Colombia's extradition of a
suspected Venezuelan drug trafficker. Social programs, including the
delivery of children's educational laptop computers to Venezuelan public
schools and the 6th International Book Fair in Caracas made headlines this
week, as well. In analysis, we share with you two recent pieces by Eva
Golinger about the potential that the US will increase psychological
operations and other forms of intervention in Venezuela.


*Venezuela Deports Three Accused by Colombia of ELN, FARC
On Wednesday, the Venezuelan government deported three suspected members of
Colombian armed insurgent groups who are wanted by Bogotá. The move came the
same day that Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos reaffirmed his
government’s commitment to extraditing accused Venezuelan drug trafficker
Walid Makled to his native Venezuela – and not to the U.S. where he is also
wanted on similar charges.

*Venezuela Celebrates 6th International Book Fair, Awards Critical Thinking
Award* <http://venezuelanalysis.com/news/5793>
Venezuela is celebrating its 6th International Book Fair (Filven) this week,
hosting special guest countries Argentina, Colombia and Mexico who presented
a series of books, films, cultural exhibits and dance performances. Filven
2010 has made available hundreds of books to readers at subsidized prices.

*Venezuelan Government Begins Distribution of 350,000 Laptop Computers to
School Children* <http://venezuelanalysis.com/news/5792>
The Venezuelan government this week distributed the first of an additional
350,000 portable laptop computers to be provided to public elementary school
children by the end of the year. The goal for 2010 is to distribute a total
of 525,000 Canaima computers.

*Accused Venezuelan Drug Trafficker Makled to Be Extradited to Venezuela,
Not U.S.* <http://venezuelanalysis.com/news/5786>
Today, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos confirmed his intention to
extradite accused Venezuelan drug trafficker Walid Makled-Garcia to
Venezuela, a promise he made to his Venezuelan counterpart during bi-lateral
talks held earlier this month in Caracas.

*Venezuelan National Police Arrest 33 People in Subway Shut
Officers from Venezuela’s Bolivarian National Police (PNB) arrested 33
demonstrators who impeded a Caracas subway train from leaving the Propatria
station for three hours on Friday morning.

*Venezuelan President Says OAS General Secretary Distorts Army Head’s Words
on 2012 Elections* <http://venezuelanalysis.com/news/5781>
Comments by Major General Henry Rangel, head of strategic operations of the
National Bolivarian Armed Forces (FANB), on possible reactions by the people
and the army following the 2012 presidential elections have been “distorted”
by the international and national media as well as by Organisation of
American States (OAS) General Secretary Jose Insulza, president Hugo Chavez
said on Thursday.

*Venezuelan Workers March for More Participation and More
Thousands of Venezuelan workers took to the streets of Caracas on Tuesday,
November 9th, demanding greater participation in their country’s nascent
socialist economy.

*13 Venezuelan Municipalities and States Prepare for Elections on 5 December
* <http://venezuelanalysis.com/news/5778>
Due to terms expiring, deaths, or abandonment of their position, 1,761,961
Venezuelans and foreign residents will be able to vote in 11 mayoral
elections and for the governors of Guarico and Amazonas states on 5


*US Congress to Increase Aggression against Venezuela, ALBA
Members of the extreme Latin American rightwing, many of whom have
participated in coups d’état and acts of destabilization and terrorism, held
a meeting last Wednesday in Washington with high-level representatives of
the US Congress. The event is evidence of an escalation in US aggression
toward the region.

*Venezuela: Thousands Demand Passing of Radical Labour
More than 5,000 workers from across Venezuela marched to the Venezuelan
National Assembly in Caracas, demanding a new labour law that would, "place
in the hands of Venezuela’s workers the direction of this revolutionary

*Venezuela: Reflections about Transcending the Dialectics of Reform and
Revolution* <http://venezuelanalysis.com/analysis/5782>
As I stated in my book five years ago 'Venezuela: From Bolivarian Revolution
to Human Emancipation', dedicated to President Chavez, today more than ever
it is pertinent to transcend intra-systemic reform and revolution and to
surpass into the internal-external realm of creating, creative emancipation.

*Worrying Signs From Venezuela to
The recent attempted coup in Ecuador on September 30, 2010, and the election
results in Venezuela four days earlier, are signals that call for rigorous
interpretation, as Eric Toussaint is quick to point out.

*Washington increases Clandestine Ops against
Millions of dollars are being channeled to opposition groups in Venezuela
via USAID, while the Pentagon has established a new PSYOP program directed
at Venezuela, including a “5-day a week television program in Spanish
broadcast in Venezuela” during 2011.

- James for VA
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